Connor’s Blue and Green First Birthday Party

So of course I had to share some photos from Connor’s FIRST birthday party ;) I wanted to keep it really simple with the ‘theme’ and the cake always is the centerpiece for things that we do because my mother-in-law is a genius baker and decorator!! She made a car cake for Connor because he’s obsessssssed with his little cars and pushing cars and trucks around and just about anything else! Of course ‘keeping it simple’ is never as it seems and I’m shocked/embarrassed/but don’t care how much it was (half of the cost was alcohol haha for adults obviously – and we wanted to serve all the good stuff we like so there was that). Things were sourced from Target (duh), Michaels, Party City and Amazon (for random stuff like the ribbon and ‘1’ cookie cutter). Not pictured are little number one cut out rice krispies and animal crackers with royal icing drizzled over (that was fun ;).

For decorations, I wanted the key piece to be the cake of course and the monthly photo project I’ve been doing for him (the car theme idea kicked in the second month oops). Each month I did his monthly photo and then pulled into photoshop to add his monthly activities (like dislikes, things he did or saw, if he got sick, any ‘firsts’, etc etc). It is honestly so fun to go back and read through, because like everyoneeeee will tell you, it’s all a blur and goes by SO FAST so I am so happy I documented it like this. I printed these in an 8×12 size from my pro lab so obvi it was highest quality and so it was a little bigger to fit the entire image/text box on. His little bib came from Etsy from this seller and I loved it.

I alsooooo painstakingly put together a ‘photo booth’ with a car (did I mention I’m terrible at crafts?!?!) which is why I was shocked that I actually did his ribbon high chair banner!! (ribbon from Amazon and Michaels)…I tried to do this but mine didn’t look as great  haha BUT it was fun for a few pictures ;) Hope you enjoy these/can use these for inspiration. All party photos were taken by my father-in-law (yay thank you!!) and some pulled from other’s iPhones (if you can believe it, I only took pictures of the party setup and that’s it!).  xoxo

2015-03-25_0001 2015-03-25_0002 2015-03-25_0003 2015-03-25_0005 2015-03-25_0006 ok…he LOVED the cake…like hands in, fists of cake to mouth – he couldn’t get enough of his first bit of sugarrrrr. And then he was on his first sugar high until 10pm :)

2015-03-25_0009 2015-03-25_0010 2015-03-25_0011 2015-03-25_0012 2015-03-25_0013 2015-03-25_0014 2015-03-25_0015 2015-03-25_0016 2015-03-25_0017 2015-03-25_0018 2015-03-25_0019

2015-03-25_0020 2015-03-25_0022 2015-03-25_0021

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  • The photobooth looks GREAT! We love it in blue!!
    Thanks for checking out our blog, we are so glad we found you!
    And happy happy birthday, Connor!ReplyCancel

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