Haycastles, Pumpkins, and Barns / Fall Fun!

For someone as obsessed with fall and pumpkins and anything outside this time of year, I was so excited to go to this hayCASTLE with my mother-in-law, Billy, and our little nephew, Jackson. My in-laws live in Lynchburg and this haycastle (dream?) was in Gretna, VA – about an hour or so from Lynchburg. If it’s possible, Jackson is just as obsessed with pumpkins as I am – which I love hehe. When we came into town to see them for the weekend, the front porch had over 8 pumpkins strategically placed up the stairs – I was a proud auntie ;)

The haycastle was SO cool – I felt Jacksons age again when we got there – he had a blast jumping around and going on the tractor ride. We couldn’t have asked for a better time on a perfect fall day. Love you guys!

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