Our Big TV Debut on HGTVs House Hunters!

Our episode of House Hunters aired last night! When Billy and I first met our realtor, Ryan Zook, he asked if we were interested in taping an episode of House Hunters with him..we didn’t think he was actually serious. We loved working with Ryan so much that we knew this would be a great, fun experience to do with him. Plus…when are you ever going to have a chance to tape an episode for a TV show?

When taping started, we didn’t know what to expect..and trust me, it’s totally different than anything you could think of – the behind the scenes were really funny, lots of ‘bloopers’, lots of snacking (we taped for over 10 hours a day for 5 days!), and lots of poking fun at each other’s ‘acting’ abilities. Here are a few things that I think should be cleared up about the episode and our ‘house hunt.’

1. Yes, we know exactly what our budget would get us for Arlington/DC/Falls Church. We know what the market is like in our area and we know we’re not getting a big house for 600k in the heart of Arlington…trust me, we know that, we DID live/rent there and know what it’s like. And actually, a TON of homes in Falls Church did not even come close to what we wanted for that budget too…we literally hit the jackpot with our house and we’re so lucky and thankful to have it.

2. No, Billy does not watch that much football. He is a guy though afterall and yes he does watch football on Sunday’s with his ‘set-up’ and has friends over. Who is anyone to judge him for that? He’s a man…that loves football…and TVs – get over it! He’s really lucky to have that space to do that and I’m glad that he does – everyone should be able to do and enjoy the things that they like. We both wanted a “man cave” – it’s great for him and it’s great for me. I get my own space, why shouldn’t he?

3. The screened in porch thing was WAY overplayed. It was actually an inside joke that got way over exaggerated. It was just a funny thing between all of us. Did we want a screened in porch forreal – hell yea! We knew we couldn’t get everything on our wish list (that is nearly impossible in this area – which is why we’re building our next house) and we knew we probably wouldn’t find a house that had most all of what we wanted plus that – and it definitely wasn’t a deal breaker like the episode made it seem like.

4. It probably looks like we were putting down our house when we first saw it. During filming, we didn’t say anything ‘bad’ about it the first go through – because we are in love with our house! but we had to contradict and say negative things like the rest of the homes because it wouldn’t be a surprise of what we picked otherwise.

behind the scenes on house hunters

Taping was 5 days long (crazy right! for 20 some minutes!)…the first day was our ‘story’ – basically did a tour of our old place, talk about our wish list, do the ‘setting the story line’ type of thing. The next 3 days were house tours (one house a day). We lived in Arlington and while we thought we wanted to stay close at first, we knew that what we really wanted was more house for our $, a big yard, and a little more ‘peace and quiet.’ With that we always knew starting out our search that we would end up in Falls Church or further out. We’re still really young and although one day we want to move further west or even Richmond, right now for our starter house we wanted to be close to Arlington and DC.

The last and final day of shooting was 2 weeks (it says 2 months on the show but it was only 2 weeks) after the initial taping. The crew came back with our field producer (ps: they are all the nicest people and have so many cool stories about working with celebrities..I was asking them about all my favorite stars haha).

We are SO giddy about our first home (it shows in the episode) and could not be happier with where we are in our lives. We’re newlyweds that are just so incredibly grateful and appreciative of what we have and we’re so excited about all the memories and traditions we will start in our first home. A big shout out to Ryan for being such an amazing friend and realtor and guiding us to making the best decision we could have ever made. Here are some behind the scenes photos and the others are ones I took of the episode.



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  • Jennifer Gulley

    welcome and thanks! Glad you stopped by :) and oh my goshh YES HH was so fun and hilarious..I should’ve mentioned that! Hope you get a chance to take a look at the rerun whenever it airs again!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer,
    I loved the interview you gave on Holly’s site and that led me here—now I can’t believe you didn’t mention being on House Hunters on the “unusual thing about you” question! We love that show and will be looking for a rerun of your episode. Also–yay for fellow lab owners!ReplyCancel

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